WISE Summit


End-to-end design for the Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship’s annual conference, resulting in a cohesive and immersive event experience.

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WISE Summit is the Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship’s annual conference aimed at providing Northeastern students and the greater Boston community an opportunity to connect with a diverse collective of female and non-binary founders and entrepreneurs, learn and collaborate with industry professionals, and explore the various channels within entrepreneurship.
As the Director of Design, my responsibility was to design a visual identity for the theme, a website and digital campaign assets, promotional materials for print and socials, presentation materials, signage and wayfinding, and event collateral and swag for attendees. Tackling all of the above as the sole designer on a team of five students was a rewarding challenge as my work ultimately contributed to the success of the event and a positive event experience.
Crowded atrium.
WISE Summit team photo.
iPad with WISE Summit website.
Workshop in session.
Two foam boards of keynote speakers and titles.
Attendees sitting in auditorium.
Crowded atrium.
WISE Summit team photo.
iPad with WISE Summit website.
Workshop in session.
Two foam boards of keynote speakers and titles.
Attendees sitting in auditorium.


2022 brought the return of fully in-person events at Northeastern. What started as a question of how do we create an engaging, hybrid experience for attendees quickly shifted to how do we get people in the door so they can reap the benefits of in-person networking, interactive workshops, etc. It was key that our outreach and marketing materials effectively communicated the summit’s purpose, value, and personality to prospective attendees, speakers, and sponsors. And as all are encouraged to attend regardless of gender identity, college, major, or experience level, the summit’s visual identity needed to promote inclusivity and diversity while still acting as an extension of WISE, an organization established by and for Northeastern women.


As a team, we decided the theme for the 2022 WISE Summit would be Redefine Your Limits. I began the process of creating a visual identity for the theme by researching other women-run conferences with similar values as ours and compiling a mood board of inspiration. This step helped me decide on a color palette that was sophisticated enough to attract speakers and sponsors yet vibrant and bold enough to attract a diverse group of future leaders. The illustrations I incorporated across my designs were a nod to the meaning of the theme—to push your boundaries, overcome obstacles, and unleash your potential—as well as decorative elements that brought WISE’s personality to the designs.
Animation of WISE Summit visual identity.


Site mapping
I began the task of building a website for the summit by creating an initial site map and determining where the primary pieces of information we needed to share with potential attendees would live.
Site map.
I then created low-fidelity wireframes in Figma that I continued to iterate on and adapt per new content strategy decisions, ultimately replicating the higher fidelity designs in Webflow to host the final site.
Low-fidelity wireframes of website.
Final design
High-fidelity wireframes of website.

Print marketing and socials

Mockup of two poster designs.
Social media graphic of WISE Summit ticket benefits.
Social media graphic of 3 days until WISE Summit.
Social media graphic of 2 days until WISE Summit.
Social media graphic of 1 day until WISE Summit.

Event collateral and signage

Sponsors foam board.
Schedule foam board.
Stack of program booklets.
Workshop title and speaker foam board.


Mockup of t-shirt design.
Mockup of two stickers.
Mockup of swag, including tote bag, notebook, pen, and lanyard.


The 2022 Summit was an absolute success. We had over 250 students from the Boston area and 30 speakers and sponsors attend. We reached people primarily through our socials, word of mouth, and print marketing as a survey we added in the registration process revealed. Day of, people were able to reference both the booklet and website to check the schedule and learn more about the speakers. The wayfinding signage kept the flow of traffic from room to room smooth, helping each item on the agenda run according to time. Attendees were actively using their WISE Summit notebooks and pens to absorb their learnings. And in the weeks following, students were seen walking around the Northeastern campus wearing the t-shirts and tote bags and with the stickers on their belongings, bringing the word to more students and potential future attendees.

More works

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